Summary of SB 632

Senate Bill 632 regarding safety and security measures in schools, specifically video cameras in special needs classrooms Passed March 9, 2019 Takes effect on July 1, 2019 The bill provides for a video camera with the capacity to record both audio and video to be placed in each special needs, self-contained classroom in all public […] Continue reading

New Juvenile Practice Manual Now Available!

After nearly two years of hard work, a compact practice manual on defending youth in delinquency proceedings is now available. This manual is designed to be a portable reference and a starting point for working these types of cases. This manual includes law, procedure and strategic tips as well as relevant social science information. It […] Continue reading

Juvenile Justice Case Law – Meaningful opportunity to obtain release – Virginia, et. al. v. LeBlanc, 582 U.S. __ (2017)

Decided June 12, 2017 The Court explained each state has the right to its own sentencing schema.  The Court also explained the sentencing schema must provide juvenile defendants tried as adults and convicted of non-homicide crimes a meaningful opportunity to obtain release.  The Court examined Virginia’s sentencing schema and concluded its geriatric release program satisfies […] Continue reading